Shudhhasata Mishra

Shudhhasata being a multifaceted talented personality does features in her work and life as well, she does not follow a particular form of art, she treats art as her passion and paints whatever she feels like and the magic in her hand and imaginations not only makes her art colourful but also very beautiful.

That she is an accomplished artist is known to all, but professionally she is a qualified lawyer that not many are aware, she has the license to practice at the Odisha High court, but her strength comes from the apple of her eye OM , her son, it is Om who has made her strong, passionate, accept any challenge in life and face adversities with smile, one must be wondering what is so special about Om that Suddhasatta has is what she is today, yes friends – Om is a special child, diagnosed as an autistic child with speech disability,

Now, look at Suddhasatta’s achievement, she does not need any introduction in the page three circle of Odisha, she is equally well known in political circle, lots of accolades from the CM Naveen Patnaik, Governor and other dignitaries, she does her work with smile and in style, when asked what else she wants to achieve, her response was, “ I have just began…

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